Infinite Payment Possibilities. One Link.

Centralize all your payment links, making earning simpler and more streamlined.

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PayTree Benefits

Why you should use PayTree

With PayTree, you give your audience the gift of simplicity in payments, merging all methods into one link for a hassle-free transaction experience.


Your custom payment portal in seconds

Define your preferred payment methods and ready to go.

Allow your audience to pay however they prefer

Whether it's Paypal, Buy Me a Coffee or Streamlabs.

Improve acquisition

User attention span is lower than ever. Make it simpler for them.

Customize your portal

Custom themes to match your preferred colors or brand.


Share your unique PayTree link on your social media.

Wherever your audience is, you can share your PayTree. Instagram, TikTok, Twitch - you name it.

Mobile support

Works on any device. No app required.

Also works offline

Bring your QR code wherever you go.

Custom Analytics

Find out how your PayTree is performing.

PayTree is a free payment portal all your payments, making earning simpler and more streamlined.
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